Our Partners

Our company was founded in 2020. We work daily to become better and we are ready to share best practices.

Spent Digital Labs

Spent Digital Labs is a tech brand founded and mainly executed by one of the Co-founders of Driipa Foundation. Spent Digital Labs is an independent brand that is working with Driipa Foundation on the mission to procure creation and advancement of the developmental processes. We've setup a team of expert programmer's as a department with Spent and successes have been, are being, and would be released by them in the near future. They will be hosting most of tech events in the name of both brands in the future moonmap.

Unstoppable Domains

Our partnership with Unstoppable Domains is a major step towards deploying the world's first fully decentralized network in which every user's data and privacy would be contained within a Username "Driiptag" a driipa profile mechanism hosted with Unstoppable Domain to provide users with 100% power over their identity.


Pinksale is the ultimate best solution for fundraisers. Pinksale allows fundraisers to launch their projects and raise money in a decentralized way. We chose to work with Pinksale because it trusted by investor and gem hunters and has raised a total of millions of dollars and we plan to be the next successful project launched with Pinksale. The moon is just the beginning, so we won't stop there!

Our incubator and strategic marketing partner

At Driipa Foundation, we're fortunate to have the backing of a successful and experienced team like Dexter.world, that act as an advisor and marketer to help push our vision of decentralization forward.

Onsatis Presae

Marketing Partner


Auditing partner


Dex View Bot is an automated telegram system to alert investors on buy / sells happening on Decentralized crypto exchanges.


VoltiChange is a leading cryptocurrency exchange. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of decentralized finance and provide our users with the best possible experience.


World’s first hybrid Shariah-compliant cryptocurrency trading platform. Join our presale and be partners in the most profitable business in the crypto industry.


8.finance is a play 2 earn game crypto project, which rewards people to play games, have fun, claim airdrops and watch short videos within the game.


Uniramp is an onramp and offramp aggregator powered by DeFi. Buy and sell cryptocurrency tokens using credit cards, bank transfers, and other methods. To ensure complete transparency, all transaction IDs are recorded on the user dashboard.


Midle is a Web3.0 platform that aims to bridge between Dapps/Apps/CEX/DEX/Chains/Crypto Projects/Influencers/NFT/Metaverse etc. projects and community. We have organic and active 10k+ users. Projects can create tasks to boost their social media platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn, Medium etc. on our platform to growth their community also attract users to becoming part of their projects.


Securewise is an audit and smart contract development brand in partner with Driipa foundation for the upcoming Driipchain launch.

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